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Wedding Cake

As stated before, we finished this class up with a three tier wedding cake.  We worked as a team with Gaby finishing up the gum paste flowers that we worked on the night before for the top and with me covering the “cake” with fondant and adding the texture and ribbon.  We used foam, instead of cake, as we have cakes coming out of our ears from our work this past few weeks.  It was easier, since we didn’t have to worry about filling and coating the cake and could therefore focus on the decorations.

I also wanted to thank everyone who has followed and supported me throughout this journey.  It has been fun to get your comments and feedback.  Nine more weeks and I will be back in good ole’ Minnesota.  I can’t wait!  But I am also looking forward to learning and experience so much more while I am here.  Have a good weekend everyone!  Cheers.

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Today I finished my first carved, fondant covered cake…a gigantic strawberry and little ladybug.  The strawberry is white cake soaked with strawberry syrup with layers of strawberry buttercream enrobbed in fondant.  The bottom layer is chocolate cake with a layer of fudge frosting and strawberry buttercream also enrobbed in fondant.  They tasted pretty delicious once you pulled off the very sweet fondant.  Though I would have liked it to have a more crisp look, I learned a lot by working with the fondant for the first time.

I thought I would also share the cake of one of my classmates…the heat was not friendly to the woman jumping out of the cake..but…it is still pretty…cute:)

Tomorrow we finish this class with a three tier wedding cake and written final.  We are keeping our cake pretty simple and elegant with minimal decorations and some textured fondant.

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Decorated Cakes..Finally!

Cakes have always been one of my favorite things to bake.  I love the creativity that you can impose on a simple cake to make it whimsical.  Below are the cakes that I worked on last week.  Today we made a two tier wedding cake for our practical/test.  It was so much fun to make! We had a few requirements such as the topper that was made out of pastillage and royal icing, the modeled roses(made from marzipan), and piped borders.  Though there are things I would do differently, I am happy with the final product.

We worked with marzipan for the first time on this cake.  Which is very easy to use…it is almost like working with play dough.

The next two cakes are from working with chocolate flood-work.  Not my favorite application for cake decor, but at least I got the experience of working with it. The football cake I made especially for my nephew who just started his football season.  Good luck D-man!

And thats all the pictures for now.  This week we are starting advanced cake decor using such things as rolled fondant.  This should be a lot of fun…I going to make my first carved cake on Wednesday.

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Hot Magma

This week we worked with HOT magma sugar…pulling and blowing and casting. It is pretty amazing to look at our final project after only three days in the kitchen. So after a hand full of blisters and three days below is our final product. We titled it “The Tree of Life”.

This isn’t the best photo, but I should get one from my teammate Gaby, so I will post that once I receive it from her. Ultimately, sugar work is very time consumer, it burns your finger tips and sometimes leaves you with blisters, but in the end, when you see the final product, it all seems worth it. I don’t think I will use this daily or even monthly, but for special occasions like the Christmas holiday, you might find it in my bakery window.

We did a few smaller projects the first two days which are shown below. The kitchen was around 90 degrees, so everything began sagging but you get the idea.

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